Problems with the multiplayer feedback forum

John Doe shared this feedback 2 years ago

The feedback forum for ideas is not working correctly. There seems to be a incorrect link for the idea button on the right side of the frame. It is linked to

It should be set to

with the current filter set we are not able to see new ideas, we have to click on the "topics" tab on the top of the frame to see our newly posted ideas. People have been complaining in some threads that they don't know why their ideas with tons of votes have gone missing from the page. I think this is why that is happening. It is an html issue going on with the links.

Also, If bugs are no longer in the feedback forum then there should not still be a button for it on the right side of the frame. It's misleading people. Once that is removed from the html then there is no need for the idea button either since it's just ideas in the forum.

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This not only applies to that particular channel but all of them.