prey animals ( = non-hostile ) on Earth like, just for Fun

Full Name shared this feedback 7 months ago

YOU MUST HAVE: Random spawn ( natural like ) simple, non-hostile, prey-type animals, by type of enviroment (biom) on Earth like planet, or whatever, for a more sense of life and diversity.

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I agree with this. The current wolves are a real joke (although they ARE an improvement compared to cyber-wolves), and I get that perhaps the devs are more concentrated on blocks and other improvements. But for the survival aspect of the game, I feel the overall amount of living creatures is lacking. I think it would greatly add to the feel of being on an earth-like planet. Plus, with a food mod such as "DNSK - Daily Needs Survival Kit" this would add protein to the menu! I've added the Earthlike Animals mod, but although I do appreciate the effort the modder put into it, the overall look and behaviour of these animals lack considerable realism. I don't need a suprise-attack from poorly-animated wolves, however I WOULD appreciate being able to "hunt me some wabbits" using a sniper gun for food!