Power Collector and Power Provider

SpaceEngineers_Love_CZ shared this feedback 3 years ago

What i think would be very good is some sort of power collector together with induction power provider block, that would transfer power between them when they touch or ideally get close, just like connectors attract each other on proximity. Main feature of this would be that the collector can move against the provider while still getting power.

So the main idea behind this was that i would like some cars for jobs on my base, however having every car equipped with it's own powersource, and connector to recharge it's batteries is a bit impractical, so i started thinking about having car with no power source except the power collector. It would be nice soluton as it would only limit usage of this to areas covered with the provider blocks. I kindof think of it as the powered net on the ceiling of autodroms.

An alternative solution to this could be adding this feature to connectors, so they could transmit power even when unlocked.

Thanks in advance for responding, have a nice day. :)

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Even for cars, this is going to be very situational. How many times do you need to move something only to and from the base? As for flying vehicles, obviously it's going to be completely useless to them.


Jappards thanks for responding.

Yeah it's gonna be very situational, however you don't have to necesarly use it just for vehicles. If you have anything moving on your base, elevator for example, it's pretty much part of your base. This allows recharging vehicles, even ships without thier component appear in base terminal. And if you need to traver further, you build an highway. It brings a big benefit in terms of no need for refueling, making traveling on frequent paths quite comfortable. But the fact it's not used often does not mean it's useless. It's just an suggestion.

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