Possible Combat Engineer Weapons?

Morslupus shared this feedback 3 months ago

So with the new addition of Rocket Launchers and Pistols into SE, as well as the rework of the current existing Rifles, I started brainstorming possible weapons and variants that I think some people would love to see added in.


-Standard: Just the base form of any shotgun really. 6-8 shells can be stored at a time. Not sure if it should look like a standard shotgun or use a magazine.

-Rate of Fire: Much like the AA12 shotgun, this one is designed for dumping rounds and suppressing the enemy. Give it a magazine of 12-20 shells and something like 2-3 times the Rate of Fire as the standard.

-Extended Mag: Similar to the Rate of Fire shotgun, this one has an extended mag, but lacks the automatic fire of the RoF shotgun has. Larger than normal magazine capacity.

-Elite: So this one was a little harder to come up with, but I feel like the only thing this one could benefit from would be an increase in all of it's general stats. Better range, bigger shell capacity, and possibly a fancy red dot scope on it.

-Slugs: This could be an ammo type all by itself or its own shotgun. Rather than having a spread of bullets, this thing is designed with 1 massive bullet that deals a significant amount of damage by itself. Could be a copy of the Standard with a different projectile, or could be something completely different.


-Standard: Nothing really fancy, just a sniper that could allow you to reach out and possibly hit an enemy Engineer, be they working on their base or standing on an enemy ship trying to do emergency repairs.

-Scopes: These would set the Snipers apart rather than things like Rate of fire or Magazines. 4x, 8x, 10x, 12x, or any increase in zoom capability past what we already have in the rifles.

-Bolt/Magazine: Although I'm more drawn to the idea of all the snipers being Magazine fed rather than bolt action, I wanted to add this in as an option due to people's preference to one over the other. It wouldn't make much difference in gameplay other than aesthetic or reload timer. You COULD make it where the Bolt action has a larger slug to offset the differences, but that's all up to whomever makes them.

-Elite: So if one is to make snipers, then the obvious choice to talk about adding in is the infamous Anti-Material Rifles such as the Barret .50 cal. Small magazine capacity, but LARGE damage to a singular target. Not something as much as a Rocket Launcher could do to ships, but something that could potentially 1 shot an engineer if the sniper was good.

[Light Machine Guns]

-Standard: As much as I enjoy the Rapid Fire Rifle we have in game, there's just something fun about seeing a character whip out an LMG and dump rounds down a corridor as their allies move up. Large Box magazine, decent Rate of fire, and your choice of Red Dot sight or Iron sights.

-Elite: There's not much difference between this and the Standard, apart from possible upgrades to Rate of Fire, Magazine Capacity, different scopes, and a different skin. Just wanted to post this as a possible addition/upgrade.

Thanks for reading!

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But I just suggest this...


Well, now the dev know a lot of us want this new weapons


You did? Sorry I didn't see that dude. I'll go upvote it. If nothing else ONE of our posts should get seen and get attention to Keen.


Upvote everything! More votes = more likely to be implemented. If you feel like it check out my most recent feedback posts