please make style pack usefull for modded blocks too

Takeshi shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hi Keen,

i have the request to change my wings (my moded blocks) so that it is possible to use the new textures from the style pack: Clean/CarbonFiber/DigitalCamouflage.

But, the DigitalCamouflage is only 1024x1024 and normal game textures are using 4096x4096. There are bigger textures for Armor with 8192x4096 but they are no overlays, they replace the whole texture (including background).

For example if i use the texture name "PaintedMetal_Colorable", i am able to use the new styles on top of my textures. But DigitalCamouflage repeat too often and it looks bad. If i use Texturename "SquarePlate" i got the bigger texture but also the background from default armor blocks. So i canot use it for my modded blocks.

Please add a texturedefinition for modded blocks in your ArmorModifiers, for example 'Texture Location="ModdedTexture"' with a scale of 4096x4096 (the half from but without the default background, please the same way like "PaintedMetal_Colorable" so i can use it as overlay. The stylepack will be still a DLC and i think there should be no problem with your rules (i think).

For Clean is no bigger texture necessary:




Carbon is 4096x4096:




Only for DigitalCamouflage is something new necessary.

Please, moding is one of the pillars of this game and the added value for the community should be very high. (and more people will buy your DLC)

Thank you for your work.


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I don't pretend to understand all of the technical details of this request in full. I am a devoted SE player, but I lack the skill to create mods myself, especially those as creative and enjoyable as Takeshi's!

Keen is a business and has a bottom line. I think most players accept that. But Keen also owes a great debut to the modding community. I would not have purchased SE, nor would I continue to support SE financially with the purchase of DLC packs, if it were not for the contribution of modders. I hope Marek and the rest of Keen's leadership will take this request seriously. Happy customers are, ultimately, good for business... and continued, positive word-of-mouth is as important anything to the continued success of SE as both a game and a business endeavor.

Best wishes,



It is just the material name it uses to check for replacement.

Not the actual texture used.

So, you only need to have a material name they use, and if the Armor Skin is used, the texture is automatically applied.

The texture used by that material, when not over-ridden, isn't forced to be the texture normally paired with the material name.

As well, Unless your mod is DLC specific, you shouldn't be trying to use DLC texture assets as your default.


Thx Thrak,

@Kreeg, yes, you are right, i am writing the same with more words and with my requirements + the information why i need this extra stuff. To find out you have to read the whole text ;-)


I have never received an answer from Keen on feedback here. Do I have too high expectations or is this normal?