Please improve Definition for Asteroid placement (pos/area/density/...)

Takeshi shared this feedback 3 years ago

At the moment we can only define, if we will have Asteroids and we can define the density of the asteroids.

Please give us a better and a more flexible way to define the asteroid placement.

(similar to the spawn module from: [maybe without shapes to have a smaller effort])

This will give us many posibilities for a better gameplay.

Just for example:

you can force the players to come to smaller areas for mining ressources

you can place POIs near asteroid areas

you can place a asteroid belt with low density arround a planet

Definition with .sbc (easy to handle with mods [i think]):









<densitymulti>1.0</densitymulit> [as multiplicator to the main density, or maybe a min distance between asteroids]

<innerradius>0.0</innerradius> [not 0.0 for a spehre with empty core, only if it possible]

<outerradius>2000.0</outerradius> [in meters, 0.0 for infinite]


[if possible a list of ores, if i will not have all ores in every area, empty allows all ores]



[redo this for every area ]


Add more settings if the community has more ideas for important settings.

Thx and have a nice day.

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In the past I've suggested a slider for procedural asteroid density, the option to set planet rings, and large asteroid fields placed like planets in creative.

The more options, the better.


A proper "Map Editor" with these options would be neat. Sure it would probably allow impossible builds(too heavy load, but that's on the player/user)