Please add single button block to large grid

Patrick Berg shared this feedback 20 months ago

I've been waiting for this a long time. Using a whole button console each time I just need a simple button on large grid can be frustrating.

A button multiblock that contains both, the small and big variant would be great!

Maybe even with an additional single block variant that is not centered so you can theoretically place 2 of them next to each other if there is a free 2 block wall, or just if you want to place it closer to something. Like a door.

Thanks for listening!

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Create a rotor, attach small head, add small button. Looks cooler too because you can angle the button.


Bump. I find it rather 'disheartening' that there was a single button panel added to the paid DLC ( Sparks of the Future ), but not to the Vanilla game; this breaks the promise of DLC only being cosmetic items and needs to be addressed ASAP.