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José Paulo shared this feedback 3 years ago

Now that multiplayer is stable and the game has a targetted amount of players 16 per server, I think the size and complexity of planets should be reconsidered. The current planets are too large for only 16 players, making terrain an easy resource to obtain. Also, due to this size, the planets cannot be too much detailed, otherwise they slow the game down. My suggestions are:

  • Reduce the default planet's size, and increase terrain detailing. PROS: Better terrain quality. Players closer to each other, making the world feel less empty. Terrain becomes a valuable resource, as it's now more limited. CONS: Smaller planets are less impressive from space. Extra development time to redo the ore distribution.
  • Mods should still have control over their custom planet's size. Being on experimental, it's the mod's author decision to go after a smaller/more detailed planet or a bigger/less detailed one. PROS: Mods can have more detailed terrain. Old modded planets are not made completely obsolete.

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If your concern is MP, the server admin can create a world with whatever size planets (up to the max) are wanted. Otherwise you are pushing smaller scale planets on everyone including people who don't play MP.

A Planet mod has nothing to do with the planet's size. That is determined by the person that spawns it into the world, unless there is some extra scripting involved.


I wouls like to see more Details. Rivers, Caves, Oceans etc.


Except that, although there are only 16 players at a time, there are more than 16 people who use the server, so the planet needs rooms for everyone's bases. Also, exploring is fun, and planets are already unrealistically small. That said, I wouldn't mind some extra detail, like cave systems, oceans, grassless deserts, etc.

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