Planet Map Generator Needed to Solve Survival Being To Easy

Super Happy Alien shared this feedback 19 months ago

So with Uranium being removed from planets etc i think it was the Right idea but really dose not solve or really add to the easyness of getting of planets to mine uranium to bring back in just a few hour of game play for a Player with 500 + hours etc.

So i think a Limited Planet Map Generator with options to change a few Values to make more Custom Changes from Easy to harder values. i feel that values are easy to implement due to the easy of modding them.

The biggest World is the Solor systems with 6 planets 3 x 120km planets and 3 x 19km Moons. so using that as a benchmark.

1> Number of planets

Being Able to change this when makeing a world will help the rest of the points here but also inform the player and keep a world Performence Friendy options these options.

2> Size of planet( would be nice but this option could be remove from the idea)

This having a bigger options then just 120km will help a player make a harder planet if he just wanted one planet etc for SP and MP/DS for perfromence reasons and once you get above a size of a planet the map start to look odd in place over 200kms

3> A Selection Of Hightmaps(how the planet looks)

As we have Earthlike,Mars and moons Hightmaps to use i feel this point already this explains it self, and modded ones. also for players who may want flater planets using Wheels etc.

4> Ore types deposets and Number of deposets

Like the removal of uranium from planets yes this can make it harder by adding time and a challenge but bring able to change these values solves the All the players needs and wants from Engineering ships to go get these ores from mining to transport and outposts making reasons to go places etc.

5> Planets Gps placement in the world

This will help also change the way we could add challenges and worlds for Players wants and needs.

6> Cargoships and Encounters for planets.

There is a mod on the workshop that has added this Modular Encounters Spawner and been working well if used right on SP and Servers. adding better Nps's can really set and harder challenge if getting better access to maybe spawning Pirates Npc's Near Uranium planets or space etc.

I feel if these 6 points can be met and i am sure they can we will solve the All sides of players needs and wants as will allow both Keen set a recommended Set of worlds based on values that Devs can work to but also allow players get more to i feel a win-win.

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for the reason that people are moaning that space is two hard or can not find Uraniumetc etc.

this will solve lots of Player issue when starting as a Noob or a long term player.