Petition: Ancient Ruins to find

Reizon shared this feedback 21 months ago

Right now, there's only the pirates and drones mainly, but this would add the option to find old buildings that were failed experiments within space engineers.

Basically, a more rewarding way to explore without all the usual troubles.

Crashed ships, ruined buildings, and even items scattered about.

They can either be repaired or salvaged for supplies mainly, generally representing the wars that used to be in space engineers.

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Yeah, I have been browsing mods for that sort of thing. Mostly hoped to spawn ship wreck encounters and such on a regular basis but there isn't that much of this kind in the workshop actually.


Just came from the steam discussions where I made a similar request not too long ago.

I would very much like to have Distress Signals appear [ like the ones you find in space ] where you could find anything from a simple crashed ship to an abandoned base with perhaps some lore tidbits as to what happened. It also doesn't HAVE to be SPRT either, maybe something like a downed courier where you can recover and deliver the package... or steal it for yourself.

this also opens up the possibility of finding PDAs with station coordinates! like that one when you spawn in for the first time.


Hell, I wouldn't say no to the odd cargo ship passing by while on a planet/moon either. but that's a different topic :)

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