Persistent filter selection in blueprints menu

CptSavarus shared this feedback 22 months ago

Hello team!

Currently each time the blueprints menu is opened, the filter is reset to "Thumbnail view", whereby only 4 thumbnails fit into the menu.

For those of us with hundreds of blueprints, viewing only 4 at a time is a painful thing.

Selecting the desired filter every time you open the menu is also painful, especially if you're working on something where you're using the menu often.

Please can we have our last filter selection be persistent throughout a session, so that when you open the blueprints menu again, the filter you used last is the one that's selected by default?

Many thanks!

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Hi Keen Team!

I will add about that : The previous version was loading a lot more and faster so if you can do this in the new Blueprint screen would help.

From a Creative Guy that Blueprints on every new changes to create safe and accessible copies :)

Image = List Looks like when you create a lot of the same blueprint "long list"



Maybe let 'us' choose which blueprint menu to use with default the 'new one' ?


@domingo... an excellent idea! Maybe post it as a whole new suggestion. The more suggestions that are made the more likely we are to affect changes that we can all agree on. Also more suggestions = more spotlights on the issue.

I'd vote for your suggestion!


I like the flexibility of the new blueprint menu, but I do agree that it would be a massive quality-of-life improvement if it remembered the settings that the user specified.