Performance not optimized

Owen Krulee shared this feedback 53 days ago

performance in this game is not optimized and should be. I have a 2080 super, 9900k at 5ghz on all cores, and 32 gigabytes of ram and I lag and can't hit 100 fps on medium settings. I only have some small ships on a small base. The performance should be optimized because some people do not have powerful systems and the game would be much more popular and fun if the performance could be optimized. No one likes to play at 30 fps on potato settings.

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I agree, but to be fair things are 1000% better than they were when planets were first implemented (which was the lowest point) even with the issues we have.

I will say that 100 FPS is a bit ambitious for a game this, well... ambitious, however. Try for 60 first.