PCU bar in the G menu of the engineer.

Alliguierg Vasconcelos shared this feedback 3 years ago


What do you understand when you look at this bar?

Less than 20% of the PCU is free or more than 80% of the PCU was available?

I do not know how the head works who did it. But I'm sure it's not the same as most players.

How about reversing this and making it understandable to everyone?

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It's backwards is what it is.

You never think of build limits in any game as a budget you take away from. It's always an increasing sum building toward an upper limit.

I wouldn't be surprised if a number of the "increase pcu plz!" requests are from interpreting this meter wrong.

At the very least, change the label from "PCU" to "PCU Remaining"!


please for the love of clang, make this PCU display make sense, its caught me out twice already...

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