[PB API] IGC messages able to be received by enemy grids

Georgik shared this feedback 3 years ago

In old intergrid communication system, we were able to setup antenna so it received also enemy messages.

With new IGC system, messages are only received by PB to which sender has access to. That practically means in multiplayer we can only send messages to owned, allied or neutral ships. There was a suggestion to make antenna and PB "Shared to all" on grids, but that means enemy players could mess up PBs on other grids and also control thrusters/wheels on other grids (as they have no owner) [apparently fixed in current version].

With this feature possible, we can make scripts being able to hail all ships, communicate with nearby player-made trading stations, making "communication hub" transmitting news on server for listening ships, etc.

Change would require some additional info about incoming messages (sender identity, relation with player).

I hope you will consider this request and inform us here about result. Thanks

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The system already has authentication options so i really don't see why the enemy or at least neutral's can't receive the messages. It makes absolutely no sense to restrict this to friendly grids only.


As long as the option to only send to allied grids is maintained, this would be a good addition imo


I have stumbled upon this problem, and it hit me hard. As OP said, it is quite a big limitation, and a simple setting, or even removing the limitation completely (since we have tags) would be appreciated.

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