Patched in passages(thanks and further feedback)

TekFan shared this feedback 4 months ago

First of all, thank you guys at Keen for listening to the feedback about missing passage-blocks for the new Warfare 1 DLC.

The new Corner and T-Section, as well as the windowed passages, are real eye-candy.

The current set is now pretty okay for the passages that cover one block, still it would be nice to have corners for the passage-sides as well(Screenshots attached). As well as lights for those corridors.

The following feedback just lists a few blocks that would be nice to have additionally:

-more passages with lights

-vertical passages with ladders/stairs

-passages with thin, inbuilt doors to the side, kind of like a T-section with a door

-passages with button panels

-passages with lcd-screens(thin screens for directions, large ones for displays)

-air-vent block that looks good as a passage-floor and fits in with interior- and scifi-interior-blocks

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Great suggestions! The Passages mod has a bunch of variations on these ideas (for anyone interested).

I would definitely love to see passages with LCDs, buttons, and lights in vanilla.


I like to see vertical passages with ladders (and a hatch) and passage cross with light.

Just don't want to see things going to crazy with to many new passages.

Also see my suggestion on Interior half block with lights.