Paint tool: Select block by what is visually under the crosshair

Auhrii shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hello again! The paint tool has been the bane of my existence since... hang on, when did I get this game?

rustles papers

...since before it even had multiplayer! But back to the point: My main problem with the paint tool has been the inability to recolour blocks that I can visually see, but that have another partial block between it and myself - the game selects blocks based on their grid volume, rather than their collision or even visual mesh.

This makes it difficult to colour a block you can see through a wedge armour gap, for example, or the blocks underneath and around a turret due to their 3x3 footprint. Even catwalks can block your attempts at recolouring a wall they're attached to, which is very jarring and makes absolutely no sense.

Please make the paint tool select blocks based on what is visually under the crosshair, rather than letting it be blocked by what is visually empty space (no pun intended). Recolouring a block that you may in some cases even be aiming directly away from isn't fun.

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OMG yes! It is so annoying. I just can't color a lot of my blocks because they are covered with another small block (like lamp) and I just can't select them.

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