Out of Memory Error

Rob P shared this feedback 16 months ago

I got a really weird error, and have been having other issues with the game since I updated my graphics card to an Nvidia 1660 Ti. While I know the game or the card are having issues communicating in that sometimes the textures are beautiful and everything is fine, while many times my game loads and it looks like hell - lights on the backpack don't work, dark is REALLY dark, the textures are poor - it's almost like the game's graphic settings are screwed up. I usually have to reload the entire game to rectify this problem.

But that's not the weird one - the weird one is this:

I started playing this morning - a creative Solar System with very few mods - mostly 'ease of life' type mods. I have a couple small grids on the world, nothing major, and one wall with a bunch of screens displaying images I converted into monospace font with Whip's Image Converter. The other structures are beacons for where ore is deposited. Anyways... I left the game running today while I went to work and when I came home the game had crashed with an Out of Memory Error.

There was ZERO activity.... On my part at least - have no idea what goes on behind the scenes other than AutoSaves. Anyways... as said, in creative mode, so no need for fuels... Something for you all to play around with.

The only thing I changed other than the graphics card was that I added RESHADE to the game because my new card was having so much problems with lighting and such from the game... which makes little sense to me ...

Have any ideas or solutions, it would be great to hear. I am going to try and repeat it tomorrow and upload the log file. I've included today's log file from the crash.

Thanks everyone! Over 6000 hours of fun, frustration, fun, anger, more fun....

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It's called a memory leak. Welcome to Space Engineers.