Ores on planets

Pedro Pimenta shared this feedback 2 years ago

I played the second and third tests, both times I had a strange issue.

I did not find any ores besides Ice.

I played only on Star System world, on Earthlike drop-pods. I used small grid and large grid Ore Detectors at max range, with no success other than showing Ice. For test's sake, I tried the Easy Earth Start because I know there are some ores right by the base - they were there as always.

Edit: Mountain, desert and grass-field biomes. No ores.

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Are you still having the issue? I struggled for a while on mountains, I wanted to stay there because I wanted to build on the highest mountain, well, actually inside it.

And I did found ores, they are usually deep, so hard to find without a large grid ore detector.

Recently on the mountain I've found that one side of it is filled with iron, cobalt, magnesium, silicon, plus some silver and gold.

Only things I can't find are uranium and platinum, but if I understand correctly that is intentional and known, at lrast for uranium.