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My Problem with the game:

My Problem with the survival mode of the game is the missing value of resources once you have reached space. If you build your first rocket to leave a planet/ moon or just spawn in space, you will find every ore within minutes and in large amount. It feels like every ore is worth the same and there are no rare ores (I know Platinum is supposed to be but once you found a node you have enough for many hours). And on top of that there is no real reason to go back to a planet because in space everything is easier. After thinking a lot about it here are

My solutions:

Give Planets and moons their own ores. Reduce the amount of ores at asteroids. Make some ores rarer than others.

So that's the basic Idea but how could it be implemented?

Planet/moon specific ores

Just spreading the ores over the different planets wouldn't work because you need basically every ore to build a jump drive and without one traveling between planets isn't ging to work. And magnesium will be crucial if you get attacked by drones.

So, every planet/moon needs a new ore and there must be something you can do with every ore. Ideally not every planet/moon has ores which are only found at that specific planet, but you should be forced to visit all planets and most of the moons to get everything that's available in the game. So that would be 5 new ores at least. Ideally there would be more, so you have rarer and more common ores. The rare ores could be rare to find, in small veins or deep below the ground.

So now we got 5-10 new ores but what to do with those new ores. They need at least one useful application. That would be at least 5 new modules and that is not going to happen! So what else could be done with all of those ores? Upgrades! There are many things, which can be improved. So, what could be upgrades:

  • The refinery and assembler upgrades now need those ores.
  • More efficient or powerful engines
  • All of the upgraded personal tools
  • New space suits? (more inventory/more energy/faster/...)
  • Stronger weapons (maybe even bring completly new weapons since the community kind of wants more)
  • New armor types
  • An op energy source needing all the ores in the game extremely large and consumes one or more of the new ores.
  • ...

Less ore in space:

Currently space is the best way to get all the ores and at one asteroid are many different ores. Simply reducing the scale of veins would balance space a loot. But what else could be done? Instead of reducing all ores, space could be made more difficult. For example, reducing the amount of ice extremely (tiny veins). This would give oxygen and hydrogen a very high value in space. With that you maybe want to carry ice from the earth to you space station to keep you alive.

Personally, I would really love the idea of not being able to build atmospheric thrusters with the resources from space (You would need the new ore from earth/alien planet for example). This in combination with the high value of hydrogen would make the first landing at a planet really interesting. And getting up again would be a challenge to overcome.

Rare and common ores:

Making ores rarer could be archived through:

  • only available at few planets/moons
  • deep under the ground
  • small veins/ rare veins/ less outcome (after refinery)
  • only available by attacking npc`s

Why those changes are important

So, what would these changes change or add to the survival gameplay.

Give planets a reason to visit/ build bases on.

In multiplayer you could become a trader buying from people who are close/ at a planet and selling to people far away.

More player interaction in multiplayer (mining every ore is a lot of work why not mine more from one and change it with other players)

Added progression (currently, before survival update, there is basically none).

Harder to survive space.

More challenges


I hope you like the ideas as I do. If you got any questions/ additions or opinions, please feel free to leave a comment I will try to answer all of them.

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I think that many of your Ideas would be great and for a few even simply implementable. Less ore in Space and Planet exclusive ores (that are on all planets, but not on asteroids and moons) would go a long way in making the game more challenging.

This could even give rise to multiplayer factions that specialize in trading and transporting as not everyone would have the opportunity to get everything easily.

New ore ideas could be something for a future update, as it would need much more work. I like the idea of new ore types that can be used to update your equipment (more of it, not just the welder/grinder). You could even use it for more weapon types.


You cannot currently make planet fall difficult. Parachutes are really cheap.


Not every planet or moon got a thick atmosphere so parachutes won't work equal good everywhere.

But there are more challenges to master then landing on a planet to be able to mine its ressources. You need to lift everythink back up again. You maybe need a ship in space with a jump drive to tranfer your ressources. And if the planet would have a leaking amount of specific ore you have to take enough with you to survive the planet.

So there are many different challenges you need to master, planet fall is one of the easiest of them.


This is what the mod scarce ressource do.

Magnesium only on planet.

Silver and Gold only on moon.

Cobalt only on Earth

Plantinum only on Mars

Uranium only on Alien.

Ice only on Moon and Planet.

Asteroid only have Silver and Iron.

I just can't play without this mod.


The mod is nice, but if they don't add this mod or something simular, then they can't continue to work on it. Like adding new hazards to the later/harder planets, where you coun't survive if you would spawn there with a landing pot.


I made a similar suggestion about half a year ago, but mine added new ores exclusivity attached to technologies, like coal to carbon fiber and rare-earth magnates to mass-driver. My aim was to make a progression, beyond the basic ores.

you can look at it here


I would fully agree with your first paragraph if you had said it before this survival update.

I have not done too much exploring in space after this update but from what i have seen all ores are much more rare then before. No longer will you find a massive asteroid that is more then half iron, the biggest i saw was a magnesium deposit about 6 large blocks spherical.

What assembler setting do you use? setting it lower is a great way to effectively reduce the size of ore deposits as it will cause you to need more ingots to craft parts and thus require more ore. I think people tend forget this setting and how much it can effect game play.

As for the other ideas i really like a lot of them, not sure if keen would every add that much at once but still we can hope:)


They reduced the ores in space and I like it, but space still feels the most friendly enviroment in the game.

In my opinion it shouldn't be, I mean its space...


That's a much needed improvement for the game. It also would encourage trade, both with NPCs and between players.

However, in order to ensure, that the all ores are present in a save game, ore distribution would need to be dynamic, either procedurally generated based on the planets which are present in the game or manually configurable (I'd prefer the latter, but maybe a combination would be best).

My ideas would be to either give options in the same game settings to configure which ores should spawn on which planet, but randomly distribute them by default or configure the ores when spawning a planet.


I stand by what these players have said. I really enjoy playing this with my friends but we all lose interest once we get to space. There is no reason to go or do anything and it makes it really difficult when there is so little progression past a space ship that only goes 100 m/s. I mean sure, I can get a warp drive. But why? Oh, look an ice planet! I wonder if there are any special ores or perhaps new enemies or new flora or fauna. No? It's the same as earth with more ice? Ah okay. no need to go there. Short of getting all of your friends together, plus their friends, to run a battle sim over a planet there is no real incentive to co-op play. Please, I know you encourage players to create their own scenarios but give us some more exploration purposes in the star system. Thank you!


Planet specific ores as well as deep space ores would be nice and attached to advanced technologies like more powerful engines, more efficient jump drives, advanced reactors with new fuels, energy based weapons etc.

EVE Onlone did a wonderful job of drawing players into the unknow in chase of rarer ores and components to build uncommon technologies.

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