Ore Detector Rework

Doomed Person shared this feedback 13 months ago

Make Ore Detectors active instead of passive. Instead of constantly scanning for ore while hogging PCU, they should be a block tool. Using them sends out a "ping" and marks nearby ore on your HUD for a few seconds. Probably a short recharge time as well, for sim speed realism.

This allows more options for ore detectors without risking performance. For example, we could have a long-range ore detector instead of having to spend ten minutes in flight time for each asteroid explored. Or a large conical ore detector that has the range to scan from the air, so that prospecting ships don't have to fly impractically low.

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I like the long range directional ore detector idea. This works towards more of a minigame to search for it. Needing to orient the scanner to pick something up. With high directionality you can pinpoint the ore it if it happens to be inside the cone. If not inside the cone then you need to come up with a search pattern to narrow it down. For really long range some kind of vague ore content representation.