Option to disable eye adaptation

Matt shared this feedback 3 years ago

There should be an option to disable eye adaptation.

I propose, instead of disabling the feature, that it be added as a world option, better yet as an adjustable slider.

The current implementation is broken as reported in bugs


and mentioned in feedback


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This report is invalid, and here is why:

What you describe and what the links are about are two separate things. The first is eye adaption to different amount of light hitting the retina. Ever since there is PBR (physically based rendering), there is no going back to the old days of how light was handled in games like Half-Life 1. The dynamic range of todays video games is just too high. If you could disable it, the sunny side of an asteroid would always be white and the dark side would be black because of how stark the light contrast is. The second is about how the game dynamically recalculates ambient light as you move and uses that for far away areas, too, causing dark caves to appear bright from afar. That's the issue you and the other reports want solved and one report is enough for that.

From what I can tell, the engine generates a HDR environment map over a couple of frames that serves as both: reflection on glass or ice *and* ambient illumination. This reuse makes it very efficient and it looks as good as it gets around where you stand! - just not farther away where the actual light conditions are vastly different. Any fix to that will cost a tribute in CPU/GPU performance as it wont be for free any longer.


P.S.: Sorry for the patronizing tone, I am not entitled to call feedback "invalid" by any means. I just meant, that a slider for eye adaption does not the fix the actual issue that is already described in 2 other reports.


Frankly I don't consider this a feature, it's a bug if you create a cockpit with a single block over the top of it for example the game things "herp derp no light" and makes FPS view too dark. You basically need to fly in third person view to see anything.

That and interior buildings are ridiculously dark that you need to overcompensate on the lighting.


Exactly. If Keen tries to put this off as "By Design", then it's "by shitty design". When my eyes adapt to darkness, I see BETTER in the darkness, not worse. Literally everything else is irrelevant in the implementation of something supposed to be worth the title of eye adaptation.

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