Only check for mod updates when starting the game

kittle shared this feedback 3 years ago

After seeing many many issues with clients failing to load mods due steam having a hiccup or local network having a hiccup or any other issue that stops the mod update check process -- it would solve multiple mod-related and steam-caused issues if the game checked for mod updates ONLY at startup.

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+ 'Refresh Mods' button.


The problem shows up like this:

I Join a server. The game checks all mods for updates.

I play on the server a while. I disconnect from the server (because of de-sync, or because i need to test something in creative)

5mins later I re-join the same server. The game AGAIN checks all mods for updates and while checking for mods something hiccups and the checking gives an error, so i get an error message saying could not join the server. No mods were changed in the 5mins i was disconnected from the server. So I have to try again, and again and again until the game figures out there are no mod changes and finally lets me into the server. Much easier to just use the mods which were already downloaded and join.

And even if there were mod changes, I dont want them. Because then I would have out of date mods when compared to the server, and so I cant play until the server is restarted.