Official NASA blocks DLC, big potential

Gabriel H shared this feedback 2 years ago

This is been on my mind for quite sometime but due to the research and "official" stuff we should think about introducing NASA blocks which needs to introduce everything you need to create what you can currently in SE. Idea can be tested out already with a MOD called NASA Blocks Mod by Lionel. THIS DLC can actually have real life potential for actual space engineering for the current time period which is 2020. So it's a win for a lot of people.

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If you got a chance to check out NASA Block mod By Lionel, you will notice unfortunatly as I mentioned it is outdated and i don't know if the developer will restart. But with the mod limitations i made something really cool. It's like a station/ship. Because the mod dose not feature doors, proper cockpit for it. I was able to make this out of it at the moment. I'm very curious about this because you would be working with old technology basically. It's far more challenging and it's exactly what I would be looking for now in SE. SE has modern futuristic stuff but not old stuff which is where the real challenge is. I would not say too old but its not in the future so to speak. Everybody knows and loves looking at space ships and rocket engines they know what they are about, it's familiar sight and would love to acually get into the whole thing. What I have here is somewhat a space station demo.

This DLC can bring a large crowd into SE, especially thoes who wish to simulate a 1969 moon landing. The mod features sound recording from this event but because its outdated this dose not function any longer. I took this screenshot with a mod called Deep Space 4k clean post processing. Stunning. I would want to make NASA space station, ships, small scout ships that we know and are familiar with. it would be truly breath taking.

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