!!! NPC AI firepower WTF !!!

SysZer@ shared this feedback 2 years ago

character is 1 shot dead from drones = WTF a head shot every time?

spawns 2 drones with unlimited ammo = WTF why cant I do that drones don't have jump drives or matter teleporters.

Shot while completely behind stone voxels 1 shot dead again = WTF xray bullets.

spawns Gunboat = WTF why 1 shot from drone is already enough wouldn't you say.

1 shots the camera = WTF !!was!!! I going to shoot at in the first place.

1 shot kills my gatling gun = WTF duhh no camera to target with it got 1 shotted

all this with in a second or 2 = WTFFFF

Fix this or balance this out cause this just broken and sucks to the 10th power.

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When i play space engineers %99.99 times i only play as either public workshop scenario missions or solo star system with no enemy or living creatures (cyber dog , Spiders, AI) Because i dont beleive Space Engineers is ready for a PVE system.

1. Just like you said AI is overpowered and your options against figthing it is extremely limited and non-creative just build turrets thats all you can litterally do. And decoys to make him attack on unimportant objects.

2. I think if single person survival is %75 completed in the game. Combat systems are only %10 completed. and that %10 is (Active 3 Defensive turrets , 1 Single engineer defense rifle without any reloading requirments)

I think if game gives us more weapons , tools , armors , protection suits or armor layers (Armored catwalk) etc etc stuff like that. Then combat systems gets creative and i can start a PVE game with more joy. Rather than ; Build 25 turrets , 10 decoys *boom your defense is ready for rest of your life in the game. Just rebuild decoys when they explode...


1. Yes, engineers are supposed to be squishy. If you could facetank bullets, why find a way around them?

2. The pirates would print drones, but that would also be bad for sim speed. Simpler to just spawn them with an antenna.

3. Hitboxes are weird, and this isn't a shooter game so they aren't a priority.

4. They "print" or "call in reinforcements". Drones are small beans.

5. Automated turrets prioritize enemy blocks with computers over shooting through armor to get to other enemy blocks with computers. Decoys can solve this problem.

6. Once you're no longer controlling it, a drone won't do much.

7. Yes, turrets are pretty fast at aiming.

The solution: Stay out at 800m and pelt the enemy thing with gatling fire.

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