Not showing all inventories by default

Someone Somewhere shared this feedback 2 months ago

When opening a cargo container it shows only the one inventory that you opened and every time I have to click the little button to show all inventories on the grid. I find it annoying to have to do an extra step each time I wish to look for components. I would be great if you could change it so that all inventories on a grid are shown by default when opening an inventory. I propose changing the default function to show all conveyed inventories and you can toggle from connected inventories via conveyors to all inventories on the grid and subgrids if they are attached. /78624ed5dc377261338cb93c8af2803f/30113a0d1fee5103dc42ae0b2d3c3daf

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Solution seems simple, but apparently is not .. get rid of the tabs .. just have connected inventories ALWAYS on the right side and then the option on left side ... but apparently it's not deemed important heh .. it started not defaulting a few years back ... and here we are >.< ...

Dunno if this counts as a necro, but I don't care lol .. :) .. Keen ... pleeease .. just ... no one wants to _only_ see the inventory they open. Why, you ask? It's always at the top of the connected inventory tab anyways! ... ok deep breaths .. please just fix this Keen .. pretty please