Not Only Assemblers/Refineries For Their Job

Ian Lakinger shared this feedback 22 months ago

There should be some items craftable in your inventory, such as the ingredients for the assembler/refinery, there should also be a furnace (basically a 1x1x1 refinery), it should take stone (not refined). and should take wood to be powered. (wood should also be usable in a power generator that should be added). and maybe some more building uses for wood

i want this added because its lame that in order to start a survival you HAVE to have an assembler AND a refinery AND a power source, because there the ONLY way to get theses is to use an assembler, which needs refined ore, both processes also needing power.

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You realise that you suggested this weeks AFTER they brought in the new Survival Kit block which does all of the above, right?