Non-Stop Block Rolling

Jacob T Ylhainen shared this feedback 5 months ago


I've been playing space engineers for a few months now and I keep having this recurring issue. If I lay single blocks with no other blocks in their chain, they lay fine. But if I scroll my mouse wheel to pick a different block, it starts crazily rolling from one block to the next. I included a short clip of what it looks like.

I use a dell premier mouse, weaponcore, and some other limited mods.

Any help would be appreciated,

Jacob Y.

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I have pure vanilla game and this exactly happens to me as well and I know exactly what is the trigger. The trigger is following:

  1. Start the game
  2. Unplug the mouse during the game load (right after click on the icon of SE)
  3. Plug the mouse in when KSH intro plays or game is loaded in the menu

You can also check the "rapid fire" behavior of the mouse wheel in Options > Display > Select screen resolution (or other drop down menu with scroll bar) an you can try to scroll one step up or down and you will see that the selection runs all the way up or down respectively. The same happens when selecting different block in the game as described in the topic authors post.

I have discovered it by switching mouse and keyboard to different computer and back via KVM Switch ATEN US224 with mouse Logitech MX518 (older model). This KVM switch basically "unplugs" the switch from one output USB and "plugs" it in the other one. I have checked it with directly connected standalone different mouse (wireless logitech mk270 Wireless Combo mouse with keyboard), ie. I started the game, plugged the mouse reciever out, plugged the mouse reciever in) with the same result.

Since this behavior appears right in the menu, it has nothing to do with any mods and it's definitely a bug.

Help to you Jacob: Check if mouse is connected when you start the game and does not disconnect during load of the game. When the game is loaded in the menu or in game, disconnection / re-connection of mouse does not cause this issue.


Thanks for your help! I messed with my mouse settings a little bit, and finally discovered the issue. I had the mouse set to scroll 11 lines per second, and when it did that in game, it glitched into scrolling constantly.