No tech tree on Never Surrender scenario

Cassin shared this feedback 2 years ago


I wondered myself for a long time WHERE the tech tree / progression was until I realise it is not activated on the Never Surrender scenario.

I think it's not a good idea, has players have to play on two separate games to test the scenario AND the tech tree and we have limited time ^^

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EDIT: As of today, Never Surrender starts you with a tech tree but this makes no sense.

As the description implies, you should basically be provided with a war base and you get there, and you go to war.

You shouldn't need to research anything in Never Surrender, it should run a script so that even if you accidentally leave it on it will unlock everything for you. You should be able to repair your turrets or beacon, but currently you can't.

Since you're going to be given initial time to build stuff, why not just provide players with lots of resources smack in the middle of the base, somewhere inside the asteroid or underground to protect it from fire?


The progression tree makes no sense for this scenario. But having limited components does. It seems to me that the idea of the scenario isn't to run to the base immediately to defend it, but rather to take your time to engineer a solution before approaching the base and initiating the battle.