Nickel Ingots from Stone > Nickel Ingots from Nickel Ore

Thraxus shared this feedback 2 years ago

Title says it all. You get more nickel per minute from stone than you do from ore. This is silly.

Proper solution: increase nickel ore processing rate (do not nerf stone processing). It's painfully slow, and has been for as long as I can remember (as is cobalt).

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I agree with OP.

While it take lot of stone to get the same nickel ingot amount the fact we get it way faster from stone make nickel mining almost obsolete. Just process a big chunk of stone once you get an industrial drilling ship/platform set-up and benefit from the extra iron and silicon. It also mean the energy cost to get iron/nickel/silicon from the stone is very much more efficient.


Or alternatively boost the ammount of nickel ingots produced per unit of ore