Need landscaping and vegetation!

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You've given us planets with basic green trees/shrubs but no way to harness them for base building. I can ram my rover into a tree and send it flying but can't plant anything to beautify my planet base. There should also be a survival mechanic around this where wood can optionally be used to build basic structures before stone or metal. Many survival games following the wood>stone>metal path and this would give a reason to cut down trees other than for path clear or for sheer destruction. In fact, I recall my first SE playthrough I was astonished that sawing down trees gathered no resources in my inventory--I thought it was a bug!

You could easily implement the following:

- expand on vegetation models so we have more then one type of tree.

- Trees provide materials (you can already cut them down in game)

- Those materials used for basic structure in early game (you already have a wood texture in game)

- Those materials allow for replanting inside a "greenhouse block" (you already have a large grid planter in game)

- Greenhouse block airtight casings prevent them from being exposed to space. Plants can only be "planted" on a finished greenhouse block. Any state change would cause the plant inside to de-spawn.

You've already built most of this in game... just complete the cycle Keen! We are waiting...

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In a science-fiction spaceship building game, the last thing I want to do is cut down trees to get wood to build a wooden house.

The progression you suggested doesn't even apply -- there is no "stone > metal" progress from which to prefix "wood > stone." It's small grid > large grid, or basic assembler > assembler, or survival kit > basic refinery > refinery. That's it. There is a progression tech tree as well, if you want "technology" progression.

This isn't Minecraft. There isn't any existing material progression to simply add "one more layer" on to. We don't need "wood > stone > metal" and it doesn't fit the game anyway. We don't have stone ships.

Also, there is a planter block that has little plants in it. I agree more things like that would be nice. I'm not sure why you would need to "plant" plants. Are you proposing some sort of planet > water > harvest feature or something? Like Farmville?


It's funny, right after I posted this, someone released a mod to match this almost exactly. I know there is demand for the survival side, as people have built a mod for this now. Empyrion does this cycle very well, but the don't do physics.


Ensuring yourself with food and water in space or on Mars, for example, this is also an engineering task. The game is called "Space Engineers", not "builders of spacecraft".


The use of resources available on the planet, also an engineering solution, on the Earth trees, on Mars Local regolit and so on.

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