Need a way to bury things

Duncan McEwen shared this feedback 4 years ago

Something I have been thinking about is that we need a way to bury things underground. Most plans for Mars and Moon bases include burying structures underground to protect against radiation and micro meteor impacts. This is very much lacking in space engineers.

I don't know how it would work in the game currently, but ideally it would likely need to be a tool, like an inverse Drill that uses either stone or gravel to place dirt back on the ground. You would have to build from an existing patch of dirt, so no building asteroids. But you could build a structure connected to an asteroid and then fill dirt around it. This would be very useful as dirt is not airtight, so you could build walls, and then coat them with dirt to simulate an airtight cave.

This idea would allow treasure hunts, hidden warhead land mines, and better visuals around bases. Again, I don't know how hard it would be to have a tool that is basically an inverse drill, but I think it would add a lot to survival and the sandbox game.

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I wonder whether a bulldozer effect is feasible.


Infilling with gravel would be very usefull, Its all too easy to drill a foot or so too far, ruining the look you were going for

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