Multiple Hydrogen/Oxygen issues

Molly XVI shared this feedback 3 months ago

i have an ongoing issue where


1. Oxygen is not taken out of the Oxygen Tank or O2/H2 Generator via conveyor

2. Hydrogen is not taken out of the Hydrogen Tank or O2/H2 Generator conveyor

3. Air Vent not working, one green dot but not blowing any air

4. Air Vent constantly blowing out air and draining the Oxygen Tank/ O2/H2 Generator

5. Air Vent "air blowing out" effect still there after the vent is grinded down/removed

6. Air Vent "air blowing out" effect still there even after room is 100% pressurized

7. Cryo Chamber/Hydrogen Engine/Medical Room not receiving Hydrogen and/or Oxygen

8. O2/H2 Generator not producing O2/H2

9. Hydrogen Engine running on infinite hydrogen


sometimes its all at once, sometimes just one problem, and sometimes half of the problems and its really frustrating, its been an issue in SP, MP, multiple worlds, servers, grids, etc

the current conveyor system on my server/grid is setup using just the vanilla conveyor junction blocks

i am using mods on my server

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