Move the 'Control' button for Remote Controls further up in Terminal panel

Decker_MMIV shared this feedback 22 months ago

In the Terminal (K), then Control Panel page, selecting a Remote Control block, then to reach the 'Control' button, one has to "scroll down" a bit to make it visible.

Wouldn't it be better to have this 'Control' button (and possibly the 'Main Remote Control') be placed before/above all the "Control ..." checkboxes?


Show block in terminal
[ON] [off]
Show block in toolbar config
[ON] [off]
[Remote Control    ]
Show on HUD
[on] [OFF]
[ Custom Data ]
Main Remote Control [ ]    <-------- New placement
[ Control ]                <-------- New placement
Control thrusters [X]
Control wheels [ ]
Control Gyros [X]
Handbrake [ ]
Inertia dampeners [X]
Show horizon and altitude [X]
[on] [OFF]

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And there is at least one mod that moves the Control button simply right to the top, which isn't the worst place for it, either.

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