More weapon types for ships (ideas included)

Jake Braybrook shared this feedback 21 months ago

Railgun: a block type weapon like the forward facing missile launcher, could be able to launch a large projectile at very high speed to cause massive damage upon impact potentially going through the whole ship (would be very large, only fitting on cruisers and above)

Coilgun: a single barrel rotatable turret version of the railgun but much less powerful, able to target large enemy ships around the host ship, projectile would be able to cut through a few block of armour (would be very large, likely only fit on cruisers and above)

Battleship cannons: much like on WW2 battleships these guns would come in 3 variants, single barrel, double barrel and triple barrel, each would fire projectiles with high explosive shells capable of dealing high damage to enemy armour, the ones with more barrels giving a bigger shell and slower fire rate, while the one with the single barrel could have a small shell but higher fire rate, these would be good for large ships and would only be available on large ships (maybe even a 4 barrelled version for very large ships only)

Point Defence Cannons: dedicated turret for destroying enemy missiles, could have low damage but very high fire rate and high precision for taking out only missiles

Flak turrets: could be like the Point Defence Gun but have a shell that explodes 400m after launch allowing it to hit fighters and missiles alike with area of effect damage

Laser weapons: could be on turrets or forward mounted like the railgun, would bring a sci-fi feel to the game aswell as add a nice looking option to fleet battle weapons, would look and act like Star Wars ship lasers (turbo lasers)

Guided torpedos for large ships: these would be slower moving but deal huge damage, could be shot down by Gatling turrets constant fire

Hope these get added to the game at some point

Many thanks

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It seems like coilguns and the various battleship cannons have quite a bit of role overlap. Since battleship cannons don't really fit with the hard sci-fi theme, and we already have some heavy weapons in the form of rockets, I'd reconsider their inclusion.

PDCs are great. TTK is low enough that we really need a good form of defense.

I'd let the flak turret have variable range. Otherwise, a good pilot can outplay them easily.

Laser weapons are either hitscan (hard counter to maneuverability) or projectile (completely unrealistic), and have role overlap with PDCs and Gatling turrets. I don't think that, in the form that you've outlined, they would be a good addition to the game alongside the other weapons.

We have printable grid missiles, which are more customizable and more flexible than a dedicated guided torpedo block as well as add more of the primary gameplay in designing them.

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