More ways of triggering ship functions.

Isaac Fry shared this feedback 2 years ago

This idea scales in complexity based on how far you take it, but fundamentally I would like the ability to have events on the ship be able to trigger other events, set up by the player.


Merge block connects to something else - > activate group of engines.

Certain block destroyed -> Activate warheads

Altitude below a certain value - > Activate hover engines

Blueprint fully built -> activate timer block


It would be best if you could activate or change any option in the terminal via as many triggers as possible. Working with options even for complex modded blocks would be great.

This would allow much more detailed automation of cool processes. I envisioned a factory where larger drones could be assembled in parts and then pushed together with merge blocks, before flying off on their own with the autopilot.

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Easy Automation Script that's all you need for almost anything you can imagine, for sure for things you've already mentioned. Of course scripts have to be allowed so this won't do any good for most MP games.


This would go a long way to helping automate things in the vanilla non-experimental game.