More sensors and options for activate blocs

Redover shared this feedback 3 years ago

I thought of some things that would be very useful in Space Engineers: There are missing contact and pressure sensors. It should also be possible to change the colour of the lamps via timer blocks, etc.... Then a very important block is missing which would allow to trigger blocks according to simple parameters: if door = open then light = on. Otherwise I think all the work you've done on the game so far is absolutely great. The game keeps getting better and better. Thank you for all the work you've done.

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Yes, especially the "simple Programming Block" is something really important. A lot of people dont know how to code and the current programmable Block is in experimental mode anyway. A Computer block with an easy to use "if"-interface where you dont have to care for syntax and stuff would give the players infinite possibilities! EDIT: Just found a similar request with 18 votes from 5 days ago

It is one thing which i think the game really needs.

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