More planets.. Random Solar System scenario

Adam Turner shared this feedback 2 years ago

Please implement a random solar system scenario option for the new game scenario editor that will allow official and modification planets (with or without moons) to be included on a 'planet list' with the option to either randomize or customize certain aspects of the scenario, such as: Distance/Planets, Size of planets, Number of planets, Include Moons y/n. Maybe add enemy spawn strongholds/bases (that are heavily defended) that are predetermined events/gps locations during the scenario generation with the ability to customize some aspects such as: Number of enemy event/gps locations, type of event/location, Loot type (large rare ore cache, ingots, weapons, ammo, blueprint, etc;), randomize, etc; A lot could be done with this idea. Maybe it's all too much, idk, but at least random planets/moons generation would be a nice feature that by itself would expand on re-playability. Special/Rare Ore spawns that are heavily guarded by the enemy base/bases would be nice too. Maybe a way to bring uranium and platinum back to the planets in limited amounts to make everyone happy. Thanks Keen, hope some aspect this feedback comes to fruition.

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