More passage block variants needed (ladders, hatches, lcds, buttons)

Ghostface shared this feedback 4 months ago

Hey guys, i really like the new passage blocks from the warfare 1 dlc. It would be awesome to have more variants to build some epic new stations and ships.

Some variants of ladder passage blocks for ships or stations with more decks in a corridor based design.

It would be awesome to have a passage block with a functional hatch, just like a sliding door block with a ladder but in a more sci fi design with maybe an "iris-like-hatch".

Also a nice addition would be some passage blocks with button panels and lcds so we can make some airlocks, or just turn the lights on and off, and have lcds to put some information like a floor plan onto the corridors.

And for some maintenance corridors, it would be awesome to have a 4 side closed passage block like a pipe vor building some sort of vent shafts.

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What i really would like to have in the game is a rotor that allows to walk through its axis so you could build a corridor that rotates something around itself.