More intuitive blueprint menu functions

CptSavarus shared this feedback 22 months ago

Hello team!

The new blueprints menu has burried the editing functions for blueprints (Rename, Take Screenshot, etc) beneath an "Edit" button.

This is counter-intuitive and only serves to make these functions harder to find & slower to use.

Please consider doing away with the "Edit" button altogether & having the various option buttons appear in the details panel when a blueprint is selected with RMB.

Please also consider doing away with the "Copy to clipboard" button and instead use double-click LMB to perform this function, as it did previously with the old blueprints menu.

Less buttons and less layers = easier to look at, easier to navigate, faster to use.

Many thanks.

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I agree with this, the extra clicking required is tedious when everything could be presented in one screen. I would also add more information to the info tab such as creation date and update date, and please show a list of missing modded blocks.