More clarity in the Control Panel!

Tom shared this feedback 2 years ago

The control panel is very very confusing by many blocks in grids or a grid is connected with merge block or Connector.

My idea is a folder system to manage a lot of blocks and his settings for all grids for more clarity and faster find and change settings.

all new and old grids become a main folder all blocks with settings (motors,pistons,trusters,...) are in this folder, the player can find in this folder all blocks or create new folders.

For example: A ship(Grid) with 2 rooms cockpit,hangar, current situation is, all blocks are in the control panel list and i must searche long time... with a folder for Cockpit a folder for hangar with die blocks in it that are in the rooms i can go in this folder and can find all the blocks in this room. All folders except the main folder are made by each one yourself.

If a grid connected to a other grid so find 2 folders in this list and i can open what i need without browse in block settings in the other grid.

i apologize for my bad english, sorry

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I think I get where you're going and I was just thinking something similar.

You've got a connector or rotor that is used to get ships linked up for various tasks, and when attached, or a subgrid appears, they are simply different colors (which also change randomly sometimes). There needs to be a better way to organize that info; Maybe not a Folder structure, but a Collapsable Tree structure; EX:

(Grid Name from Info) "My Grid 1234"
 -> My Special ProgramBlock
 -> My Special OxygenTank
 -> *Group: My Special Group*
  | -> My Battery 1
  | -> My Battery 2
 -> A Piston
   | -> SubGrid 123566 (Or Ship Name, if Set)
      | -> My Remote Control
      | -> Some camera


Hello, pretty self explanatory suggestion, the other day I was trying to tidy up my k menu for my large ship when some friend connected a few of our ships (Miner, welder, etc.) and suddenly my perfectly ordered control panel became an ugly mess.

Like you I thought it could be great if Keen implemented some kind of folder system (like it's already been suggested for Blueprints) in order to also make the Control Panel UI a lot more user friendly (I was actually going to post a new idea when I found your post). This could also be a nice way to display grouped blocks too.

Here's an example:

I got my main large ship with 3 groups (Batteries, Reactors and Thrusters) that we are calling "Large ship" for the purpose of this example, a "Miner" small ship and a "Welder" small ship, when I log into the control panel from let's say the medbay on the large ship, the control panel could look something like this:

- Large Ship

  • + Batteries
  • + Reactors
  • + Thrusters
  • Block 1
  • Block 2
  • Block 3
  • Block 4
  • Medical Bay (selected)
  • All other blocks

+ Miner

+ Welder

I hope the guys will find the time to get this quality of life improvement implemented.

EDIT: It seems the posts here don't keep the tabulations so I had to use the dotted list to better represent it graphically, but of course you should not consider them.


It would be already nice if it was possible to filter the blocks by grid. Finding them by colour can get confusing, and naturally all incomplete blocks are red anyway. It would be neat to have a dropdown menu to select which grid is being displayed, but even just having the small ship icon of "show only this grid's inventory" would be a great improvement.