ModAPI Request: Add ability to monitor (and override) GlobalEvents or Spawn / Encounter Events

Thraxus shared this feedback 5 years ago

Being able to monitor spawn is important. We do have access to OnEntityAdd, but not to the event that triggers it.

It would be nice to be able to both see this event, and block it / override it if necessary.

An ideal use would be: I see a SpawnCargoShip event, block it, prepare my own prefab for spawn, and push it to the event to be spawned in place of the intended spawn. Or, if nothing else, be able to say "on your next event, use this prefab instead of whatever you wanted" for an encounter or cargo spawn event. It would make modders who deal with spawn / prefabs lives a lot easier, and a lot more controllable. Relying on spawn groups, mysterious frequencies, and pure RNG is a hassle.

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The editor seems broken to me, however... Further research shows that GlobalEvents are completely blocked from monitoring or modification. I'd like to request this be opened to the ModAPI completely for at least read and basic injection / replacement of things like Cargo Ship Spawn Rates.


Cargo ships and encounters frequency is too high, would be nice if it was modable.

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