[ModAPI] API request for owned skins list and ApplyColor/ApplySkin

Digi shared this feedback 3 years ago

It would be very useful to have:

  • A list of owned skins from local player and from server of a different player, so that you can know what skins they can use.

This is a big issue for my paintgun mod because I have to do a convoluted skin testing sequence on player join to create a grid and have them automatically paint and skin it then server looks at if the skin was applied and tells player what skins they own...

Problem is that also can fail under some circumstances making my mod users unable to use skins at all... I could allow them to use any skin but that wouldn't be nice towards you (Keen).

  • A way to get&set the currently selected skin for local player (in IMyPlayer, same as build colors).

  • A way to get&set ApplyColor and ApplySkin for IMyPlayer. (the checkboxes in color picker menu).

  • Not a big deal but it would be nice to: allow mod-added skins to be usable without DLC checks that they always fail because they have no steam inventory item tied to them.

Mods that alter the DLC skins should stay the same, I'm only talking about new skin subtypes added by mods.

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I concur with Digi here, although I assume you are keeping the skins as a thing you can sell as DLC? I understand but its also kinda sad :(


The first part of this request is kinda fullfilled with the addition of HasDLC(), would still be nice to just get a list of available skins because those are based on steam items, not DLC.

The rest of the stuff are still very much needed :(

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