Mod Localization (As a New Feature)

DranKof shared this feedback 2 years ago

Problem: There are redundant mods on the workshop of people localizing already-existing mods, or sometimes people releasing multiple versions of the same mods, each for different languages. This is leading to trash on the workshop and version fragmentation. Furthermore, it would be nice if hours of time could be saved on localizing mods by not having to fish through strings in long data files every time a mod gets updated.

Proposition: A solution could be implemented to allow mods to be localized automatically, like the game, without additional in-mod programming or requiring terminal commands. Alternatively, if it is possible for mods to be localized already, apparently no one is aware of how, perhaps the studio could release a sample mod with easy-to-modify script, code or files that they could implement into their own mod to allow them to be localized.

More info and samples of relevancy: