Moar love for new Gates needed :)

Krienas shared this feedback 2 years ago

With Frostbite release you had introduced gates in vanilla and in scenario we may find unified set of vehicles for different roles. That gives us some idea about sizes of our creations we should follow - good thing. Lets add into equation typical garage or fueling station. These usually have width in odd block numbers (3, 5, etc.) For small small grid vehicles everything is more or less OK: 69bcedc9e8efec5a4d0fa091b9dda064

Sadly it is not a case for small grid trucks:


that is why for them we build gates like this:c52e8d57190ae2f10bd8cdea19dce106

but problem of this gate is that it's width is even number of blocks (4), so if you want things aligned for garage it looks like this:cdaaf9cca8063fd5014275ff0b8e15cf

Please introduce additional block for filling in this gap. Something similar like you had made with windows. That could effectively turn gates into gate mini framework, open possibilities to have gates of any width.

P.S. Edge of gates looks really nice, but it is a bit too high. When you try to use gate as in the last two images, passing it with wheeled vehicle always feels like some sort of off-road exercise. Maybe something could be made to make crossing with wheels or by walk easier. If it can not be narrowed, maybe collision mesh tweaks could help..

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I think a larger airtight hangar door would be a good idea, they could make the original block one block deeper, and able to extend one block more, or even further. If nothingh ealse, you can try building a door of your own with with hinges or rotors.

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