Missing wheel friction resistance property on suspension

Nebojsa Aleksic shared this feedback 2 years ago

A big reason why vehicles are so stiff to drive and always will be is the fact that wheels need a slip or limited slip differential. Now i understand that accounting for something like that is probably impossible due to not knowing which wheel is connected with which dynamically. It must be assigned by players manually. So i'm asking for a suspension property named "FrictionResistance" on which i can base my differential logic.

Adding differential capability via mod script would work by adding a list to the suspensions terminal that would list all suspensions on grid, you select one suspension in list and that suspension would be used for slip differential logic. Also, being able to use it via PB would be great for live in game prototyping and making different differential logic. I assure you that this would be a very important change to wheels and i even hope you may consider doing this yourself but i understand how the industry works. All i ask is for this property that can give me the current wheel friction resistance with which i can't effectively calculate difference in force between wheels. If the results are more then great (which i suspect), you can always incorporate into the base game. I am essentially willing to do the work for you. :)

Please consider this as wheeled vehicles are very popular but the gameplay part is still very very stiff and unsatisfying.

Kind regards.

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The idea is clear, but the wheels are unstable.


If you are interested in fixing this bug, then please take a look.



Link no longer works due to name change of /general/ to /pc/. Thanks, console peasants.

Corrected link: https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/pc/topic/high-speed-trembling-wheels

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