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TigerzFangz shared this feedback 2 years ago

I would like to propose a few small improvements to merge block functionality. This is largely inspired by a script that auto converts to ship and then renames the grid which sadly has fallen by the way side and become non-functional due to API changes.

What I am asking for is for two options to be added to the merge block control panel.

First, a simple toggle box to enable/disable an "Auto Convert to Ship" function.

Second, a text box entry field that can be used by the merge block to rename its attached grid on disconnect/depower.

These options would help in a multitude of ways. If "Unsupported Stations" is enabled, it can be used to manage the conversion of docked ships. If "Unsupported Stations" is disabled, it will serve as a safety check function to assist with converting the disconnected grid into a dynamic ship grid. The renaming function can be used to help control grid names on merge/unmerge even for static grids. Simply setting the name in this field would allow easy grid rename and a safety check for accidentally renaming the wrong grid as the current system is prone to do when merging similarly sized ships. Besides this it would create a more stable option for designing and building devices that use merge blocks for mobility and projection such as track layers, crawlers, rail miners, etc.

Side Note: Adding a "Core" block of some sort where certain properties such as grid name/type cannot be overwritten would be able to alleviate many issues with names, grid properties, and grid settings as it could act as a fixed "Save" location for such data. Though I wager that adding that mechanic would present far more problems to the games inner workings, hence my suggestion for merge block additions. :)

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I agree with TigerzFangz in that an "auto-convert to ship" function would be a great asset to the game. The 'main cockpit' might be a better place to handle the ships name for renaming, and say a checkbox there 'enabling' that as the one place to grab it rather than a heavier load block search. This would also need support for multiple merge blocks in a block group.

My original understanding of the Merge block was to allow you to splice together grids. This was great until it was discovered that there appears to be some size-based reversion issues, where a small ship attached to a large station would attempt to unmerge and be stuck as a static station, and the player would have to manually convert-to-ship to be able to move again. The merge block presents a much better option to create a ship-to-station airlock for docking purposes, where a connector cannot pass players. The ability of the merge block to attach is great, but in a detach, having something be stuck as static station seems like an error, as why would someone detach for a reason other than to move the part/ship somewhere else?

Example: A ring of merge blocks on the side of the ship, matching a ring on the station, both sides equipped with doors/hanger for airtight functionality to keep O2 and warm in. Merge creates a hallways, doors open, players pass across thru pressurized space, doors close, unmerge, ship flies away.

While the players space suit provides an 'alternative', the proposed functionality would improve the games immersion capabilities.

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