Making replay tool's character able to interact with stuff

Michele Faedi shared this feedback 2 years ago

I was trying to do a scene where some character use a button pannel.

Then all other character go to the exit passing through doors and maybe other mod like the lifter.

It took me like an hour to understand why it don't work then I realized that in sot my fault. Please do something

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Yes! That would make the replay tool WAY better.


It would be cool if the replay tool work just like the cutScene editor.

I mean every movements of a character would have a name and than can be played when a player trigger an event ( like enter in the enemy base then the enemy character go to the exit)

I don't have used the replay tool in the scenario editor but without a name of the movements cannot be looped or triggered.


totally agree.

although it is possible to achieve certain actions by using sensors and other methods, it would much easier and could do much more in replay tool if players could record + replay interactions with button and taskbar (on the bottom of UI).

I was hoping to do something like a "bombing dive" scene and since the replay tool don't support using taskbar when characters are in ships.