Make Wheels Real All Wheel drive!

DIO_SVK shared this feedback 2 years ago

Current Wheels:

If you toggle propulsion_on in selection box of all Wheels on your ship MUST give power to All wheels == All Wheel drive.

In Game Reality == If your ship is on rough terrain and from 4 wheels only 2 are touching the ground it will NOT move and only spin the wheels that are in air!

SE wheels has In-wheel FULL electric motor drives and not dummy wheels bound by any differential logic.

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Each wheel has it's own motor, so you wouldn't have a conventional drive system like in a car.

A differential is important in vehicles with a single engine as it allows the wheels on one side to rotate faster then the others, which prevents skidding in corners. However that behavior of wheels that loose contact with the ground receiving all power is only a thing in vehicles with open differentials or to a much lesser extent in vehicles with limited slip differentials.

The electric motor driven vehicles in this game simply wouldn't make sense to work this way.

In reality many off road vehicles have a differential lock (diff lock) which can be switched to connect the two sides of the differential, which will prevent the vehicle getting stuck if a wheel leaves the ground.

Think about it, do we really need MORE opportunities for rovers to get stuck?


He's right, though. Unless one invokes the ever so colossally user-friendly system of C# coding, provided it is permitted on that world in the first place, there is no way to cater to differences in steering angles and turning circle path lengths for the various wheels as a function of steering input.


Do you really read what i write?

"Each wheel has it's own motor, so you wouldn't have a conventional drive system like in a car."

That is exactly what i write. That is Problem With SE as the wheels act like conventional drive system with single engine.

Current In Game Reality == Wheel that is not touching the ground will spin and rover not move.

I build simple wheel based lift like the one in Game loading image. The lift has wheels all over 1 block tube but it will not move as not all wheels have same pressure applied to the tube. The wheel that is barely touching just spins and others are static.

Yeah it seems that wheels are too weak but! I add gyroscope block and wiggle / shake with the lift and guess what? The shaky lift with spinning wheels will blast upwards like crazy.

All wheel drive == 0%


Oh Sorry DIO_SVK it's a little hard to understand your original post.

I hadn't really noticed this effect in game so I thought you were proposing that wheels should be driven by diffs.

I guess the only time I've really paid attention is when landing the rover while driving on the moon and the rear wheels seem to maintain their power enough to flip the rover if you accellerate during landing. I will have a look at the left right balance and see if I can back you up.