Make the new temperature mechanic have visual effects

Ryukki shared this feedback 5 years ago

I think the temperature element in the game is kinda neat but can be quickly over shadowed until your taking damage and realize that your not suffocating your suit power is gone and your out in the cold or heat. Currently I feel that this interesting new mechanic is kinda hard to notice and it just plays the same effect that you get when your suffocating.

I would love to see a overlay effect on your hud or visor. When your out in the cold bits of frost shows up in the corner and it builds up when your freezing than keep that effect until your dying and vice versa for the hot and inferno setting but I guess put a blur of sorts around the corners when your heating up. I feel like it would add to the satisfaction of getting into a pressurized room seeing your hud clear up from the temperature.


Maybe increase the heat radius of the planet core it took me forever to reach it even though there is no point to digging down there. I kinda personally would like to see rare bits of Uranium down in the inferno section of the planet. I would love to have a reason to experience Inferno on planets I just really want this temperature element of the game fully utilize in SE because I feel like it can be fun and interesting. How it is now isn't working for me it with the whole playing the suffocation effect and freezing in space is the only time I notice it.

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Oops, Made this on the current build page I didn't know they had one for the test build.

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