Make Offline Great Again

domingo shared this feedback 21 months ago

Same as bug, now Idea.

When Steam is offline (for example due to unavailable network connection), it is not possible to load world with mods from Steam Workshop - despite that they are cached. The loading ends with error.

So, when Steam is offline:

- When loading worlds, use cached mods. Fail with error only when mod is not available locally.

- When starting new worlds, use intersection of last known mod list AND cached mods

- Cache scripts and blueprints, so they can be used in the world.

It is ok to display modal dialog in this situation, however the loading should proceed.

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By Keen, from "Not a Bug:"

Workshop behavior is made like this by design and the game needs connection to load all that stuff you asked for.

However, I already have all that stuff offline, cached on my PC.